Thibaut Courtois credits himself to Real Madrid’s success

Thibaut Courtois
Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois credits himself to Real Madrid’s success as he spoke whole heartedly. Thibaut Courtois of Real Madrid thinks he contributed nearly as much to his team’s Champions League victory last year as any of his other teammates.

As colleague Karim Benzema got the Ballon d’Or for the first moment, the Belgian just got the 2022 Yashin Trophy and finished seventh nationwide.

Courtois, though, has complained that he hasn’t been given enough credit for his current results and thinks goalkeepers are still undervalued.

In an interview with L’Equipe, Courtois was candid: “We didn’t win the Champions League that same year solely because of Vinicius, Valverde, Benzema, or Rodrygo. Courtois was also to praise.”

The contemporary goalkeeper no more just stops attacks, he continued. Here in Madrid, I must also initiate the activity; with the first pass, I will choose how to launch the attack or escape the force of the opposition.

“Even now, you are virtually a midfielder; goalkeepers are a lot more crucial than you realize,”

In 13 Champions League games last campaign, the 30-year-old preserved five white plates, and his outstanding performance in the championship game helped Real win the competition.

He said “You can’t win a medal if your goalkeeper isn’t effective. And when it comes to football awards, we often forget that,” he said, going on to explain the attention goalkeepers face: “It’s clearly written in big bold letters (in the press) when a goalie makes an error. They shoot him as early as he commits even a minor error and claims that this is why the game was forfeited.

They fail to recall that the striker might have missed five or six easy chances prior to that one.”

Thibaut Courtois blasts Real Madrid teammates after RB Leipzig’s defeat

Despite Real Madrid’s 3-2 loss to RB Leipzig, Thibaut Courtois criticized his teammates’ lack of effort.

Real Madrid suffered their first loss of the campaign in Leipzig after giving up two goals in the opening ten minutes but another goal with ten minutes to go.

By no terms was the away team’s victory a fortuitous one, despite the fact that they had the majority of the shots and open-play opportunities.

Only after the Champions League game, Courtois pointed out that he was not pleased with the way his teammates had protected in front of him.

When playing against that squad like Leipzig, “usually we go out drowsy, any aggression or passion, and you pay handsomely,” he added. “Even though the coach had forewarned us they had scored a lot of goals in their previous five sporting events, we went into the game incorrectly.

“It can’t be possible that they score two goals in two corner kicks while we played such shoddy defense in the second. Before the interval, we scored a goal, but the second half was not excellent since we made several mistakes with deliveries and handles.

“The third kill you for the last minutes… a goalie from behind notices that you haven’t embraced the game, they won each duel and it occurred in both goals, and we resisted poorly because of lack of ferocity.

“We must awaken; a difficult day may occur as a result of the several games that must be played quickly; yet, even when we are exhausted, passion must not be lacking. There are individuals on the bench, so you must give your all at all times.”


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